Live Performances 

Learn Music QLD provide special music performance opportunities for our students. Live performances and film production performance opportunities are offered to all students who wish to participate at no extra cost.

Each year, our students perform at our annual recital to help them gain confidence and give them the opportunity to showcase their hard work and talents to their family members and peers. As students progress, it is important to have exposure to performing to gain the essential skills of expressing music to others. We prepare students for amazing opportunities in eisteddfods and our annual school recital Christmas concert. A great opportunity for students to showcase their talents, improve on their performing ability, and receive constructive feedback from peers.

Video & Film Production

Students are invited to participate in our annual videoshoot so they get real life experience on what it would be like to perform in front of a camera and work as a recording musician. We believe that in order to be a versatile musician, there needs to be exposure to different types of performance pressure. Aside from performing in front of a live audience, we believe it is important for a versatile musician be to able to perform in front of a camera and work within a production. Students get the opportunity to partake in professional video recordings which are published online to allow students to observe their performance on-screen and also showcase their talents to the public.