Lesson Structure

We offer piano lessons for beginner to advanced students from age 5 and over at our two locations in Pallara and Stretton.

Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes weekly and are one-on-one with a qualified teacher. Lessons are paid monthly in advance.

Students are required to have their own instrument to practice on at home everyday.


Beginner students work from a method book which cover practical lessons, theory, reading and aural, and as they progress through each level, they will later be exposed to more advanced music whether in the form of exams or more leisurely avenues.

Benefits of Piano Lessons for Children

There are many benefits associated with piano lessons for children including both mental & physical health, enhances split concentration, stimulates the brain, improves memory, improves language skills, vocabulary and other classroom skills. Hence why we also teach a number of students with learning and mental disabilities and have seen incredible results.

AMEB Exams

Once a beginner student has completed the initial introductory lessons to piano, every student is encouraged to participate in AMEB exams, however, it is not mandatory. AMEB exams allow students to work toward high achievements that require discipline and hard work. Students who pass AMEB exams will be rewarded with a certificate and will also receive constructive feedback on their performances. We have dedicated teachers who specialise in taking students through the AMEB exams for those who wish to take piano more seriously.